About CCYS

Coyote Creek Youth Sports Pop Warner

Coyote Creek Youth Sports Pop Warner is a non-profit corporation established in 1990. Our organization has been developing football and cheer athletes since its inception. We play and cheer in Peninsula Pop Warner.

Our program is committed to teaching football and cheer skills in a safe and fun environment. CCYS Pop Warner enthusiastically supports the strong focus that Pop Warner places on maintaining a high level of academic achievement through its mandatory scholastic eligibility requirements and the Pop Warner All American Scholars program.

Philosophy and Goals of Coyote Creek Youth Sports Pop Warner

Coyote Creek Youth Sports Pop Warner prides itself on our motto “The Development of Youth through Sports”. We are keenly interested in the development of our players in all other aspects of their life beyond football and cheer. We recognize that for a large percentage of our children that their participation in Coyote Creek will be a zenith of their involvement in football and cheer programs. We believe that the life lessons taught through teamwork and strategic thinking are as equally important as the athletic lessons.

Working together cooperatively for a common goal, overcoming difficult obstacles, handling both success and failure with a positive attitude are key elements to becoming vibrant, well grounded, successful citizens in our community. We feel that the contribution of our program to the development in these areas is ultimately a true test for the success of Coyote Creek Youth Sports. We take great pride in the positive impact that our organization has made on the community.

We have provided youth football and cheerleading programs to several thousand children since our original inception in 1990. Our program has not only produced several NCAA Division 1 football players, but more importantly many productive citizens who believe that their childhoods were enhanced by their participation in our program.

CCYS Core Values

Listed below are core values that form the basis for all we do in CCYS Pop Warner Football and Cheer. We want everyone associated with organization; Administrators, coaches, adult volunteers, and parents to focus on maintaining a foundation for our program that is based on these guiding principles.

Encourage, motivate and inspire young people to reach their full potential.

  • Help our CCYS football and cheer athletes develop the skills needed to achieve success and the character to handle adversity.
  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity.
  • Understand the value of teamwork.
  • Teach discipline with compassion.
  • Demonstrate our values through what we do not just what we say.
  • Strive to win but not winning at all costs
  • Celebrate our diversity and build community within our organization

The 2020 CCYS Board of Directors:

President Andre Hunt
Vice President Desi Romero
Acting Treasurer Andre Hunt
Cheer AD Jeanette Gordon
Member at Large Kendra Brown
Scholastic Director Open
League  Administrator Christy McCarter
Football AD/Operations Director Jason Adams
Member at Large Jean Gandia
Member at Large Jeannine Hernandez