This year we have brought back the 4th annual CCYS Registration Raffle fundraiser to help you pay your 2018 CCYS fees. Here’s how it works:
You purchase 100 CCYS Registration Raffle tickets for $10.00 from CCYS. Each ticket will sell for $2.00 each. The raffle prizes will include a first, second and third prize still to be determined. Once you have sold all the raffle tickets you bring the raffle ticket stubs and cash back to CCYS, we will give you credit toward your fees based on the number of tickets you have sold. You will receive credit for 100% of the tickets sold. The only requirement is you must submit raffle ticket stubs equal to the amount of tickets sold and you must pick up and return your raffle tickets at a CCYS event. It’s a great way to raise money to pay your CCYS fees.

Pop Warner Scholastic Eligibility and Pop Warner All American Scholars Program

Please bring a copy of your child’s Report Card (full year 2017 – 2018) for the school year ending 2010.  Report cards are mandatory for the Pop Warner All American Scholars program.  Football and cheer participants are required to meet a minimum scholastic eligibility standard.  If your child has a Grade Point Average below 2.0, you will have to complete a Scholastic Eligibility Form executed by your child’s teacher or principal in order to participate in the Pop Warner football or cheer.