By registering for Pop Warner activities you and your children have made a big commitment … as an athlete, student, parent and family. It takes a lot of time and effort both football and cheerleading to achieve the goals outlined above. From August 1st through August 30th , you will practice 4 days a week, 2.5 hours a day (exclusive of water breaks) After the 2nd regular season game on Labor Day weekend , you will practice 3 days a week, 2 hours a day with a game on Saturday or Sunday. This schedule requires commitment. Football and cheer athletes should strive to be on time plus be mentally and physically ready to participate. These athletes must meet their scholastic responsibilities; maintain a healthy diet; get plenty of rest; and display a respectful and courteous attitude toward their parents, teachers, coaches and teammates at all times.

The parent should be ready to transport their child to and from activities; have meals ready at appropriate times for their athlete; monitor the study habits and performance of their child; monitor the equipment of their athlete; and support their child as they meet and exceed their coaches’ demands. Do this well and you will witness the phenomenal development of your child as they develop into the wholesome well rounded individual that we are hopeful they become? The support of CCYS parents, particularly in volunteer participation and fundraising is essential for the program’s success. Every season, each and every committed adult volunteer as well as the football and cheer athletes go through tremendous personal growth and gain a perspective on life that will serve well in the future. Having committed to the CCYS program, you and your family have given yourselves the opportunity to build a lifetime of memories in just one season…Congratulations!