The organization really needs everyone to contribute to the fundraising effort.  We are asking our CCYS parents and athletes to help us raise money for our CCYS General Fund. Registration fees don’t cover the complete cost necessary to fund the operations of our program.

Our concession stand at home games provides additional funds but we still fall short of the money needed to maintain a high quality program. A successful CCYS Raffle will help provide additional funds to help cover the financial gap still existing between the amount we raise with our registration fees and concession stand sales and the total cost necessary to fund our operational costs.

Additionally, if you are looking for an opportunity to raise money to pay CCYS registration fees we will allow up 100% of your raffle ticket sales (up to $200.00) to be credited toward your registration fees.

This is real tackle football (except 6 under which is non-contact Flex Football) complete with real football uniforms. Every player is taught how to tackle and take a hit. As with any contact sport, with good contact there are times when a “ding will sting”, but generally the bumps and bruises acquired along the way are more badges of honor than anything to worry about. We recognize that contact sports aren’t for every child, but what better way for your child to find out about football than in an age/weight regulated, highly structured environment in which safety, instruction and fun are the focal points?

You might be the same age, but born in different months and have a different “playing age”. The playing age is your age on July 31st.

Pop Warner Little Scholars is now a partner with USA Football in its Heads-Up Football program. The Heads Up program is an effort by youth football organizations across the nation to promote safety in tackle football. The Heads Up football program which is supported by the NFL and NCAA is composed of 5 key components. 1) Education and Certification; 2) Equipment Fitting; 3) Concussion Recognition and Awareness; 4) Heat and Hydration and 5) Heads Up Tackling.

Volunteers are important in all aspects of the organization. We need help in all areas – from one or two hours in the concession stand to two or three days a week on the field. Help as you can. Bring your talents, expertise, knowledge, and abilities to our organization and jump in where you can. We need financial and administrative help and help on the field. We are better off having you assist part time than not volunteering at all. Get involved!

We appreciate and need financial assistance. You can donate to the program a specific sum for us to purchase a specific piece of equipment such as something for the concession stand, field equipment, coaching equipment, i.e. – a blocking sled, storage shed, etc, or a general donation to help the cause. You will either be given great public acknowledgement for your generosity, or complete anonymity – the choice is yours. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Whether you donate time, money, or both – your  assistance is vital to the success of the program

CCYS Pop Warner prides itself on our exceptionally high quality coaches. Many of our coaches have years of personal football and cheer experience and years of coaching experience. Some of our coaches are men and women that walk-on, while others don’t even have a child in the program. They are giving back to the sport that they love, and the community in which they live, by donating their time to coach.

Coaches must apply for the position every year. They are selected in February/March prior to the season and their term ends on December 31st the same year. The President and Football AD review the applications; interview the candidates and make a recommendation to the Board. Each Head Coach selects his assistant coaches subject to review by the President, Football AD and Cheer AD.

Every head and assistant coach is required to have a background check. Coaches attend coaching clinics during the year and a PPWLS Conference clinic in July for rules, policies, procedures, attitudes, risk management and philosophy. In addition, the head coach and at least one assistant of each football team are required complete a Pop Warner mandated online coaches clinic each year. To encourage our coaches’ attendance at clinics CCYS pays the clinic cost for our coaches to attend.

New coaches are welcome. CCYS Pop Warner is highly motivated to develop excellent coaching staff because we recognize that outstanding coaching is the key element to the success of our program. We will work with new coaches as a Board together with their Head Coach to assure their compliance with our expectations. The overall quality of our program remains high when we have coaches who encourage, motivate and inspire our football and cheer athletes to success on the football field and in cheer competitions. We are proud of each and every one of our coaches. Come join the fun – get your application in and join on our team!

One of the beautiful aspects of the game of football is that it requires many different types of people on a team, i.e. – offensive or defensive attitude, offensive linemen, linebackers, safeties, special teams, etc. Each position has different strength, speed, agility, and stamina requirements. The coaching staff will evaluate every player at the beginning of the season and your child will be placed where best are suited based on the requirements listed above and the talent level on the team.

CCYS Pop Warner provides most required equipment for football other than cleats and a protective cup.  Players are required to provide their own girdle pad set. Cheerleaders will need to purchase their uniforms along with shoes and few other items. Some optional equipment is beneficial, some not. Consult with your coach or with veteran players and parents – they can help you determine if you should buy extra gear or not. Things that may be helpful, depending on your football position and child, are: neck rolls, arm guards, and rib guards. Wait until your child has a position before obtaining any accessory items. Due to COVID-19 safety concerns, your child may be required to purchase a Helmet Visor as well as a face mask.

Scholastics are a very important part of Pop Warner. Your child must prove scholastic fitness by turning in a report card before they can practice. They must have and prove that they have a minimum grade point average of 2.0, and not be failing in any class. If they lack a 2.0 GPA, there is a comprehensive scholastic eligibility program available that may allow them to qualify for participation.

CCYS charges a $75.00 game uniform fee for all football players. Players will receive at least (1) game jersey that can be personalized based on specific criteria that will be announced on August 1, 2020. Your child may wear the personalized jersey for other activities at your discretion. However, CCYS issued protective equipment may only be used for CCYS activities (i.e. practices and games). Cheer uniforms may be worn at other activities at your discretion.

Numbers are very much a part of the culture and lore of football. The CCYS number assignment policy is determined in the following order: 1).Fully paid participants, 2). Wildcat Patch recipients 3) returning CCYS players; 4). Remaining members of the team.

Registration Fees are non refundable. Cheer uniform deposit fees are non refundable. Refunds of equipment use fees may be available depending on individual circumstances. Should your child drop, by choice, or because of other circumstances, before the Pop Warner Jamboree you may get a refund on request. No refunds are given after August 23, 2020.. All granted refund requests are subject to a $10 Administrative Fee. Administrative cuts do not receive a refund.

The only criteria for team placement is age.  Other factors considered may include: other participating family members, playing experience, the need to be with another player for the purposes of ride sharing, etc. If there are two, or more, teams in a division of play the players will be sorted by placing all of the eligible players into a linear order considering age and experience and assigning them to the team on an alternating basis.

CCYS Pop Warner maintains an “open door” policy. If you question something happening to, or being told to, your child, please discuss the matter with your head football or cheer coach. If you are not satisfied with the response you receive from your head coach or if you feel the problem is your head coach’s lack of response. Please feel free to contact the President, Football AD and/ or Cheer AD. This is an important process in our program as it is often by such parental inquiries that we learn of potential improper activities. Please take time to reach out with any questions or concerns. Your inquiry will be kept confidential for the protection of your child. If something is truly wrong, many will benefit from your call.