General Information

Mandatory Play

The Mandatory Play rule is essential to the Pop Warner philosophy. The minimum number of plays will vary based on game day size of the team. Your child must play a specified minimum number of plays or very severe sanctions will be implemented against the team. Exceptions are disciplinary actions, insufficient practice time during the week. If your child misses more than one day of practice per week, they may not be allowed to participate in a football game or cheer competition. They should still attend the game and support their team.


Involuntary cuts are not allowed. There are administrative cuts for those football or cheer athletes who have discipline problems; are consistently absent from practice or are disrespectful toward coaches and /or teammates. No other cuts are allowed, including situations where a coach might try to discourage a specific player with the intent of forcing them to quit. Lack of respect for the CCYS or PPWLS Conference officials can result in suspension

Philosophy of the Playing Division

The hardest divisions to adjust to as a parent are usually the 6 & Under and 8 & Under. Most haven’t played before and there is often parental worry of injury based on football’s reputation. CCYS Pop Warner adheres to the Heads UP Football principles espoused by USA Football guidelines. These principles and guidelines are designed to ensure player safety is our highest priority

The players find out at each division level that despite how big the other team looks during warm ups, they are the same ages and have the same fears, apprehension, illusions, bravado, or whatever, as your child does. They’re all just kids suiting up to play the wonderful game of football. There is risk of injury because it is full contact (except 6U Flex Football), but the risk is minimized by our risk management practices.

The Pop Warner Divisions of Play:

6 & Under (Flex Football) – 6 & under is a great introductory experience for the young player looking for non-contact structured, learning environment. Many special rules keep this level introductory and fun for the participants. Coaches are allowed on the field to teach. Post season games are not allowed in Tiny Mite division.

8 & Under – 8 & under is strictly a training division designed limit the pressure to win and place the emphasis on developing fundamental football skills. A coach is permitted to remain on the field no nearer than 5 yards behind the offensive huddle and 5 yards behind the deepest defensive player. Beginning in the 3rd game of the season, coaches are required to remain on the sidelines. There is no rushing of punts or blitzing in MM play. Post season play is allowed

10 & Under – The 10 & under player is more serious about football and is psychologically ready for a greater element of competition. With improved attention spans and absorption ability, more complicated strategies and skills may be taught. With the right quarterback the passing game may be introduced here. What happens here affects the quality of higher divisions. Post-season play is allowed

12 & Under – This is the transition division between the critical 10 & under and 14 & under divisions. Techniques are still emphasized while venturing beyond fundamentals. Post-season play is allowed

14 & Under – Game strategies here are close to high school teams. Sets, alignments, assignments and more frequent and successful passing can approach collegiate and professional versions depending on talent and coaching. This is a very competitive division. This is generally the last playing experience in which it is still possible to view football as a “fun” pursuit before they matriculate to high school football. Post-season play is allowed

Volunteer Hours:

There is a mandatory requirement for parents and/or legal guardians to volunteer a minimum of ten (10) hours in order for your child to participate in Coyote Creek football or cheer.

Ages are as of July 31, 2021

Divisional Ages:

The ages for football and Cheer in each division of play are as follows:

Division Age
6U 5 & 6 (5 is minimum age for participants in football and cheer)
8U 7 & 8
10U 9 & 10
12U 11& 12
14U 13 & 14

Football Equipment Distribution & Sports Physical

Individual layer Football Equipment will be distributed to all fully paid participants on Saturday, July 24, 202 on a first come/first served basis between 8:30- 12 noon at the CCYS Equipment Shed located on the practice field at Yerba Buena High School

The CCYS Pop Warner team physician, Dr. Chris Chung, a certified sport medicine professional, will be available to complete your physical examinations on Saturday, July 24, 2021, 8:30am – 12:00 noon at Yerba Buena HS. The cost for the physical examination is $25.00. Dr. Chung will donate $5.00 to CCYS Pop Warner for every physical exam completed. So it is an opportunity for your child to receive a physical examination at a convenient time and place and support our CCYS Pop Warner fundraising efforts as well

A physical examination & medical history form must be submitted to CCYS Pop Warner no later than July 31, 2021 certifying that a child is eligible to participate in tackle football or cheer. The form must be dated on or after January 1, 2021. A physical examination & medical history form is required prior to participation by any child in any Pop Warner practice, game or cheers competition. If you have health care coverage through an HMO or a PPO, such as Kaiser, Aetna, etc., it is probably more economical to use the service. However, you must take the Physical Examination & Medical History Form to your physician for his or her signature.

Birth Certificate/Photo

*Original birth certificates are required to be certified by Peninsula Pop Warner. If you were not born in Santa Clara County and do not have a certified original birth certificate copy, you should immediately send for a certified copy from the county or country in which the participant was born.

*A current photo is required. Wallet size is preferred: no Polaroid’s.

Pop Warner Scholastic Eligibility and Pop Warner All American Scholars Program

Please bring a copy of your child’s Report Card (full year 2020 – 2021) for the school year ending 2021. Report cards are mandatory for the Pop Warner All American Scholars program. Football and cheer participants are required to meet a minimum scholastic eligibility standard. If your child has a Grade Point Average below 2.0, you will have to complete a Scholastic Eligibility Form executed by your child’s teacher or principal in order to participate in the Pop Warner football or cheer.

2021 Registration, Football Uniform and Cheer Uniform Fees:


  • Registration and Football Equipment Use fee is $250.00*
  • Registration and Football Equipment Use Fee (6U Flex Football Only) is $150.00
  • Football Uniform Fee is $100.00
  • 6U Flex Football Uniform Fee is $50.00


  • Registration Fee for Cheer is $175.00*
  • Mascot Cheer Registration Fee is $300.00 (includes mascot cheer uniform) *
  • Uniform Purchase fee is $250.00

Cheer participants are required to purchase their own uniforms. The uniform purchase cost fee is listed above. All registration, football equipment use, football and cheer uniform fees are due prior to issuance of any football equipment or cheer uniforms.

Sibling Discount:

When two or more siblings register for football and/or cheer, the 1st sibling pays the full fee for football or cheer and each additional sibling’s fee is discounted by $25.00.

Referral Discount:

A discount of $25.00 for each new participant referred to the organization by existing participants. The discount will be applied to the applicable registration fee of the referring participant at the time that the referred participant has registered and paid the full registration fee

All fees are nonrefundable.

Minimum Registration Fee:

There is a minimum registration fee of $50.00* required to register for Coyote Creek football or cheer. Registration is not guaranteed until the minimum registration fee is paid.

Football participants will be required to pay a $100.00 uniform fee.